Q: How does Exitfares work and how is it different than other flight deal sites?

We built cutting edge technology that analyzes millions of fares everyday to find awesome flight deals. We’re constantly monitoring routes to find price drops. We never receive a commission or payment when you a book a flight. Our only goal is to provide you with the best flight deals.

Q: Are these flight deals real?

Yes, they’re real. Two things to keep in mind, though: Airfare prices and seat availablity change all the time – sometimes hourly. That’s why it’s important that when you receive one of our deals you book the fare ASAP.

Q: Are these last minute flight deals?

No, they’re generally for a range of travel dates up to 5 months from the current date.

Q: What airports can I get flight deals from?

Currently over 50+ US based airports

Q: Are these flight deals for domestic or international travel?

International travel for now, but we will be adding domestic deals in the near future.

Q: What airlines are these flight deals for?

All major airlines around the world with the exception of some low cost carriers like Frontier, Spirit and WOW airlines.

Q: Can I get deals from non-US based airports?

We’re working on it 🙂

Q: Can I get deals to a specific destination?

We’re working on it 🙂

Q: Can I get deals for a specific date?

We’re working on it 🙂

Q: Can I get deals for business class fares?

We’re working on it 🙂

Premium Membership

Q: What is your refund policy?

Premium Memberships come with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. You can read more here: Exitfares Refund Policy

Q: How do I cancel my Premium Membership?

Login to your account and select “Change Membership” and then “Cancel Premium Membership”.

Q: Does a Premium Membership renew automatically?

Yes, Premium Memberships renew automatically every quarter by default. You can cancel at anytime or turn off auto renew by logging in to your account and choosing “Change Membership” and then “Turn Off Auto Renew”

Q: How many deals will I get?

It depends on how many and which airports you choose to get deals from, but 10+ per month is a safe bet.

Q: Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. We use the same payment technology as Lyft, Under Armour, Warby Parker, NPR and many other major organizations.

Q: Can I get a receipt?

Yes. You can request a receipt by emailing us here: hello@exitfares.com