How Safe is Air Canada?

Air Canada, the largest airline in Canada by fleet size and passengers carried, has a robust commitment to safety, with a safety management system that includes active involvement of management, continual development of safety practices, and appropriate training and education programs.

Fleet Safety

Air Canada operates a modern fleet of Boeing aircrafts. The airline has been proactive in ensuring the safety of its fleet, as evidenced by its response to the Boeing 737 MAX incidents. After a close to two-year regulatory process undertaken by worldwide aviation authorities, including the US Federal Aviation Administration, Air Canada expressed confidence in the safety of its Boeing 737 MAX fleet.

Incident History

Air Canada has had a number of incidents and accidents over the years. However, it’s important to note that aviation accidents are relatively rare, and Air Canada’s safety record is generally considered to be good.

Pilot Training

Air Canada’s pilots undergo rigorous training, whether they come from civilian or military backgrounds. By the time they join the Air Canada Pilots Association, they will have logged a minimum of 2,000 hours of fixed-wing flying time. Pilots are generally only certified to fly one specific type of aircraft at a time, and if a pilot wishes to fly a new type of aircraft, they must spend about two months participating in a demanding training course.

Maintenance Practices

Air Canada’s maintenance crews operate in multiple locations worldwide and service several aircraft models. The airline has transitioned from paper to digital as part of its overall strategy to optimize aircraft maintenance procedures. This includes the use of mobile tools with the latest documentation, which is essential to ensuring the safety and efficiency of maintenance operations


In conclusion, while no form of transportation can be considered completely risk-free, Air Canada has demonstrated a strong commitment to safety in its operations. From its modern fleet to its rigorous pilot training and maintenance practices, the airline has implemented a range of measures designed to ensure the safety of its passengers and crew.

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